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Bao Hiroo restaurant all started with an idea; great food is an art to be enjoyed by everyone. With flavor and good fortune on our side, we set up shop among the rich mosaic of the Los Angeles Arts District community. We have always been drawn by the unique underlying flavors that turn comfort food into a feeling experienced across every culture. With the Tanuki as our spirit animal, we spent countless hours toiling and crafting playful combinations of sweet nostalgia and savory comfort sure to grab your taste buds by the bao. 

Bao Hiroo is a place where you can always be yourself or be anyone you want. A place where shapeshifters and hot buns are everywhere. A place to get weird, grab a drink and laugh out loud with friends & family. 


Chef Owner Hiroo Nagahara is the culinary mastermind behind Bao Hiroo. In past lives, Chef Hiroo was Charlie Trotter's executive chef at Bar Charlie in Las Vegas and partnered with Mobi Munch to bring his food to the masses. In 2010, Hiroo moved to San Francisco to launch The Chairman, an award-winning food truck that blurred the lines between fine dining and street food. At Bao Hiroo, he’s ready to bring his unique twist on a traditional favorite.


The Tanuki is a racoon dog native to Japan and imbedded in traditional Yōkai, 妖怪, folklore. His depictions have changed throughout history, but he will forever be known as a bold shapeshifting trickster with a good heart and extraordinary testicles. Totally flexible, extensible, and mobile, they are a potent tool in his bag of shapeshifting tricks. The Tanuki is known for his generosity and reminds us to never take life too seriously!

Tan Tan Tanuki
No kintawa wa
Kazem o nai no ni,
Bura Bura

   a person with collar shirt